Ten Grand and a Twix

Ten Grand and a Twix is Caitlin Power’s first piece of writing for Average Pig. The comic one act play depicts a morning in TFL’s Lost Property Office, where an unexpected alarm sends all into panic. Manager Janet Paisley does her best to control the situation but her efforts are consistently undermined. The group are forced to unite when Gary stumbles upon a mysterious item, but all is not what it seems and their new found joy is ultimately short lived.

Ten Grand and a Twix was recently performed at London’s Phoenix Artist Club as part of a new writing showcase. The piece is now in development and we are excited for its future!

Cast: Janet Paisely – India Martin

          Patrice Baya – Alexandra Mardell

          Gary Duggan – Jack Darell

          Mick Corrigan – Ian Davidson

          Niamh McElroy – Amy Blair


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